Don’t Buy the Deal if You Can’t ‘Eat’ the Meal…

I just read an article in the Boston Business Journal about a lawsuit against online shopping site RueLaLa. The plaintiff claims that the online deals offered, which have expiration dates, violate the same laws that govern gift certificates, which means they either should not expire or they should have expiration dates far into the future. This is based on legal action that was previously taken against Groupon and some others.

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Time Management at Work

As a student I was the kid with color coded notebooks that was obsessed with keeping myself organized and getting my school work done with time to spare. I couldn’t handle the idea of arriving at school not having done my homework. That didn’t translate to my work life for some reason, and at my first job after college I found myself struggling to stay organized and get my work done on time. My Boss, Debbie, recognized my troubles and made an effort to teach me how to better manage my time and stay on task. Four years later I am still making out my to-do lists so I guess Debbie was onto something!

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