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From College to Knowledge: Taking Constructive Criticism

Why is it so easy to point out what other people are doing wrong, but so difficult to make changes for yourself? Criticism and critique are essential to growing professionally and personally. But for many young individuals like myself, it can be difficult to hear criticism, react appropriately, and take steps to improve your work.

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From College to Knowledge: Communication

In an industry centered on communication, I don’t need to tell you how important it is. Everyone learns to talk and most people learn to write, but are we actually taught to communicate? I’m finding that my job – and I’d guess every job -consistently challenges us to clarify and make use of these abilities.

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From College to Knowledge: Teamwork and Cooperation

When young people hear the word “teamwork,” they automatically think of sports. But why is that? Is it because nearly every sport in America is made up of teams? I started thinking a lot about collaboration during my internship. We worked together constantly, whether it was redrafting press releases or brainstorming as a team. With this in mind, I think our perception of teamwork is centered around sports because as young individuals, we’ve yet to work on a team outside of the football field or basketball court.

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Are you ready for your close up?

Over the past year, we’ve been leading a number of media training sessions. One client in particular has convened groups of its regional executives for “media training 101,” followed by individual videotaped instruction, mock interviews and playback/critique.

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From College to Knowledge

College is tedious. Students are often tasked with assignments that, while thought-provoking, seem irrelevant. Consequently, countless students are all left wondering the same thing, “when am I going to use this in the real world?” As a rising professional, experienced intern and college senior, I have news for you. You’re going to use it. All of it. The content you included in your biology assignment may never be used again, but the process and the principles from the assignment will hold true. The motives behind the assignments go far beyond the use of chemistry or calculus. And that’s what students continuously fail to understand. I have written a series of posts intended to provide answers to the million-dollar question described above and propose ten ways that college has actually prepared you for the real world. Here is the first post:

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Green = Lean

It has long been thought that sustainable meetings are expensive to execute—the top reason that organizations do not implement greening strategies. For everyone who has bought in to this notion, I have good news. Green meetings and events have proven to benefit not only the environment but the economic bottom line as well (bonus!). What’s even better is that most efforts will save your company money AND time—who wouldn’t want that?  The Convention Industry Council (CIC) offers the standard for best practices in their Green Meetings Report to use as guidelines for implementing policies of sustainability throughout your event.  If you are already doing some of these things, keep it up. If not, it’s time to get on board!  Here are some easy changes that your organization can make to help save the planet and some serious cash: 

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