Celebrate The Fourth Like A True Bostonian

After a year studying abroad in Italy, working as an intern for The Castle Group in Boston has flipped the switch on my world perspective. For nine months I played the role of ‘the tourist’. However, for the past month I am no longer a character that comes fleetingly onto the city stage. Rather, I am part of the set.

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2 Quick Tips to Fuel Your Productivity

Summer is a great time to get through the “housekeeping” section of your to-do list in preparation for the Fall. If, like many of us, you are having a particularly busy summer, you must be thinking that there is no way these “housekeeping” tasks will get “checked off” your list. However, I think you can still get to them. Being busy has little to do with how productive you can be and it can often help your level of productivity (think adrenaline!). Yet, at the heart of the problem is that even the most successful people struggle with productivity. Many elements need to fall into place and not all of them are under your control. Interruptions, lack of sleep and conflicts can certainly hinder productivity. Yet, forethought and a high level of organization – which you can plan and account for – can help you achieve your desired level of productivity.

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