Outside the Vase

Nothing is more elegant than fresh flowers and there are many creative florists that can help you create a beautiful statement… at a price that is. If you have ever purchased an arrangement from a florist, you know how expensive it is to put a substantial centerpiece on the table. As an event planner, I am constantly challenged with creating a beautiful design on a low budget—and you’d be amazed at some of the things we come up with.

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3 Reasons Why An Internship Pays Off

Summertime: While revered throughout those K-12 years as a time to relax and enjoy a fun-filled break from the educational daily grind, the entrance into college certainly changes that cycle for most.

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Who says the summer is quiet?

Here are the reasons it is absolutely NOT quiet:

Even though people take vacations, people are more plugged in than ever before. For good, and for bad, it’s entirely possible to keep efforts moving forward even when a key team decision-maker is away.

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When the PR Industry Turns on Itself

I was horrified last week when I watched a video produced by a PR agency which was featured in the prestigious “PR Dummies” column on Gawker. (Yes, our industry is interesting enough to have its own column of shame.)

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Celebrate The Fourth Like A True Bostonian

After a year studying abroad in Italy, working as an intern for The Castle Group in Boston has flipped the switch on my world perspective. For nine months I played the role of ‘the tourist’. However, for the past month I am no longer a character that comes fleetingly onto the city stage. Rather, I am part of the set.

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2 Quick Tips to Fuel Your Productivity

Summer is a great time to get through the “housekeeping” section of your to-do list in preparation for the Fall. If, like many of us, you are having a particularly busy summer, you must be thinking that there is no way these “housekeeping” tasks will get “checked off” your list. However, I think you can still get to them. Being busy has little to do with how productive you can be and it can often help your level of productivity (think adrenaline!). Yet, at the heart of the problem is that even the most successful people struggle with productivity. Many elements need to fall into place and not all of them are under your control. Interruptions, lack of sleep and conflicts can certainly hinder productivity. Yet, forethought and a high level of organization – which you can plan and account for – can help you achieve your desired level of productivity.

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