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PRGN House Build in Cape Town, South Africa

This week’s blog posts are meant to be related to baseball.  I want to write about a baseball hat—a specific baseball hat that represents something important.

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9 ways to hit a home run at your next event

If you haven’t noticed already, this week of blogging is dedicated to “everything baseball” thanks to my all-star team consisting of Coach Sandy Lish, Pitcher Stacy Wilbur, Designated Hitter Jessica Ciccone, Andrea Teixeira (a.k.a. “The Closer”), and me, Field Manager Keri McIntosh.

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Happy Birthday Fenway Park!

This past Friday, Fenway Park celebrated its 100th birthday with huge fanfare.

Leading up to the big birthday event, Red Sox management did a wonderful job engaging fans, young and old, by creating special opportunities and events for those that did not have the chance to go to the celebration. With the help of Red Sox mascot Wally the Green Monster, the Red Sox kicked off the week by releasing 100 green balloons in various Boston neighborhoods with tickets to upcoming Red Sox games inside. Five of those balloons had tickets to the April 20th celebration. If you weren’t a lucky balloon winner (let’s be real – you had a better chance of winning the PowerBall a couple of weeks ago) and did not have tickets to the game, Fenway Park was opened to the public on the 19th. Fans visited parts of the ballpark generally inaccessible to them and had the chance to meet Red Sox legends, as well as view historical artifacts, photographs and banners.

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3 Tips to Become a Boston Networking Pro

Remember the old adage “It’s not about what you know but who you know”? Well, if you live in Boston, haven’t mastered the “who you know” part and agree with Paul Graham’s well-written article on cities and what drives their ambition, then you can find comfort in Boston’s high valuation of the “what you know” too. Either way, if you are in the market to build your “what” or your “who”, then Boston is the ideal city for you. With one of the highest conglomerates of universities and students, many thriving businesses and a myriad of professional development organizations that span across multiple industries, Boston has – at its fingertips – ample resources and opportunities for professionals (and especially young ones) to build their business acumen, grow their network, build lasting relationships and stand out.

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What’s the recipe for selecting the perfect incentive travel destination? The top two requests made by our clients during site selection are that we provide options for 1) a cultural city or 2) somewhere warm—no surprise there! A sandy beach always makes for a beautiful and relaxing trip but the industry is seeing more and more programs trending toward city destinations—with a large percentage of them staying domestic. According to the Incentive Research Foundation’s latest survey of incentive-industry trends, nearly 83 percent of incentive travel planners are keeping their trips in the United States, a direct reflection of today’s economic realities. But your program doesn’t have to suffer by staying stateside if you make smart decisions during site selection.

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2012 State of the City: What Makes Boston Special

Spring is the perfect time to visit Boston. Bats are swinging, swan boats are plodding along, the Boston Public Garden is in bloom, and hip waterfront restaurants have opened up their terraces. This spring, when many local institutions are celebrating their centennials, is an even better time to get acquainted with these much loved landmarks or to revisit old favorites. We’ve shared some of our favorite spots and walks in this post. Read on, watch the video below, and get excited about coming to visit!

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3 event technologies to help you stay ahead of the curve

At Castle events we are always looking for the latest and greatest event technology, with the best applications for our clients. The hardest part is staying ahead of the curve. Smartphones are obviously here to stay and being integrated more and more into our daily lives. For the conference/event planner, it’s changing the game in terms of interactivity, customer experience and event navigation. I decided to review a few event technologies and the potential impact for client events.

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