No Reply: The Dying Art of Closing the Loop

My 18 year old son decided to reject his college acceptances and enter the workplace for a while. (I know, I know, I know!) I talked with him about the importance of a college education, the state of the economy, how tough it is for people with college degrees to get jobs nowadays—the list goes on. He politely listened to my concerns, but his mind was made up. (You just can’t put an old head on young shoulders, can you?)

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Incentive Travel in Mexico!

The sheer variety of incentive travel possibilities to Mexico might seem overwhelming at first. A ski and golf trip to Mexico’s Monterreal? Swimming with dolphins in the aqua waters of the Riviera Maya? Experiencing the power of the ancient ruins at Tulum? From the plush comfort of an all-inclusive hotel, or the elegant style of a boutique hotel,Mexico offers unforgettable experience to suit every taste.

Interesting facts:

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Kate’s Take: All-Inclusive Resorts for Meeting Planners

In the past several years all-inclusive properties have grown tremendously in variety and scope.  They are fast becoming a serious choice among meeting planners. The reasons are numerous, but the ones that make them an obvious alternative for planners are:

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