Driving People, Driving Profits – Why Incentive Programs Work

Incentive programs go by many names — President’s Club, Chairman’s Club, Overachievers Program — but what’s in a name is less important than what is behind that name. A motivated, committed workforce, recognized through incentive programs that reward excellent performance, grows while others stagnate.

Incentive programs can create a measurable competitive advantage, particularly when economic conditions require a demonstrated ROI.

The Appeal of the Reward

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Empowering media: Ads boosting energy, maps boosting confidence

Vitaminwater boosts your energy – with a 5-volt battery-powered USB port. Vitaminwater ads in bus shelters in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Boston now allow consumers to charge their electronic devices and literally experience the “energy-boosting” effect of the drink. A smart concept and an ad that lives up to its promise – everyone riding the bus will just as literally “make the connection.”

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The Murdoch Scandal: A Londoner’s Perspective

Our PRGN (our global network of PR firms) partner in Philadelphia, Anne Buchanan of Buchanan Public Relations, interviewed Sara Pearson of London partner Spider PR, on the Murdoch hacking scandal.
With the media world hyper-focused on the phone-hacking…

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It All Started With A Tweet: TechMunch Comes to Boston

It all started with a tweet one year ago…, a social networking site for food people, was hosting a meetup for Boston bloggers. Being a hobbyist food blogger, I signed up, thinking that this would be a fun way to meet new like-minded peo…

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