How Oprah Impacted PR – And Why She’ll Never Happen Again

“How can we get on ‘Oprah’?”

It is shocking to think that I will never hear this question again.

Nearly every company I have ever met with has asked this.  Start-ups. Established brands. People who had an idea but no funding. From every industry imaginable.

It got to a point where, during an introductory meeting, I would think, “Wait for it…,” anticipating the inevitable.

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Hands-on help

If you want to help tornado victims in Joplin, Missouri hands-on, you can use social media to find volunteers opportunities. Community and news site lists web sites for volunteers, together with resources like help hotlines for the victims. Facebook pages like Joplin, MO Tornado Recovery also offer information on how to help. And one Facebook page even reunites pets lost in the tornado with their owners.

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10 Mistakes to Avoid When Launching a New Product or Service

The following piece is courtesy of our PRGN partner, Landis Communications in San Francisco.

It happens every year.  Right around now, we get a bunch of calls from potential new clients launching something new in September (OK, first tip – everyone launches in September – why not October?!).  They’ve taken an important first step in calling in some PR help at least 4 months in advance (vital if you’re looking for long lead publication coverage).  But there are other traps anyone can fall into.  Here’s our list of what to avoid:

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Time after Times

The Sunday Times launched its social list this week, a social media measurement application with a spin that makes the list attractive beyond the scope of the paper’s readership. “The Social List” doesn’t rank its users according to their follower numbers and ratios – it ranks them according to the response they get from their network. This concept makes sense. Having a lot of followers on Twitter or fans on Facebook doesn’t mean that people are paying attention to your posts. To rank its users, The Social List gathers data from Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and LinkedIn and puts together a composite score; sub-lists let users compare their rank to their immediate social circle.

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Fair Tweets and Gaga Games

Got Twitter space to spare? Ben & Jerry’s is asking Twitter users to commit unused characters to standing up for economic justice; all you need to do is use to tweet. Ben & Jerry’s Twitter application turns any spare characters of the 140 characters available per Tweet into a message about Fair Trade, on the occasion of World Fair Trade Day on May 14. With this simple but brilliant idea, Ben & Jerry’s social media team not only raises awareness on Fair Trade, but also lets social media users spread the word for them. Well done.

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Castle VP Hilary Allard to speak about social media at National Restaurant Show

Castle VP Hilary Allard will be moderating the social media panel at the National Restaurant Show in Chicago on May 21. The panel – comprised of operators and consultants – is designed to give restaurateurs a “social media 101” overview of best practices on engaging with customers and winning new fans in our digital world. For more information, visit.

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Royal media

The royal wedding last Friday was the most watched event on the web with a record-breaking number of 1.6 million simultaneous video views. even broke a record within the record, with 300,000 concurrent viewers on its site. Video coverage of the wedding was also available on Hulu, and of course YouTube via an official “Royal Channel.” Associated Press livestreamed the wedding through their Facebook page.

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Have you looked at yourself? Objectivity and successful marketing

It took a year. Longer than it takes to create a human being. But we did it — we finally launched our new website with our new brand. You’re here and we’d love to get your opinion.


We walk our clients through brand evolutions all the time. Advise them on their websites. Tell them how to leverage them. But there’s a reason that doctors aren’t supposed to operate on their family members (that’s true, isn’t it?); when you are so close to the “patient,” it’s tough to be objective.

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