Saying Thank You

As I attended the Dean’s List Reception three weeks ago at Curry College, held for the 32 students who made the dean’s list every semester during their college careers, the other students and I were consistently reminded that we had done something remarkable and something to be proud of. It was a great feeling knowing that the college acknowledged all of the hard work we had put into being successful during this time. However, this was not what made this event so special.

Each student was given the opportunity to invite a faculty member who made the most impact and had acted as a mentor to them throughout their time at Curry. As I’m sure many other students experienced while deciding, there was no hesitation in my mind in choosing who would attend the event, Professor Kirk Hazlett, APR.

While the purpose of the event was to celebrate our achievements, it was also to show our appreciation and thanks to the person who helped us reach that success and I think this is tremendously important.

Each of these people has willingly taken time away from their own lives and schedules and invested it in you and your future.

Most often, people don’t stop to really thank those who have helped get them to where they are today: parents, family, professors, internship and job supervisors, your mentors. Whoever it is that helped you along the way, take the time to stop and let them know how much their support meant to you and make sure that they know that it made a difference.

No matter what stage in your education or your career, there is always someone that helped you in the past or someone that supports you presently. No matter how long ago it may have been, take a moment to thank that person today.

Curry College