Move over Brian Williams, Twitter’s in town

It’s a unique phenomenon.  Every four years, the national media converges on the usually quiet state of New Hampshire.  Having had the pleasure working in the New Hampshire media during the 2004 Democratic primary, I know first hand how crazy it can get.  Suddenly seeing George Stephanopoulos at the Radisson Hotel bar is not an odd occurrence.  But this year is different.  Yes, Diane Sawyer and friends will still be attendance, but they will not be the only ones reporting on the winner of the “First in the Nation” primary. 

In another step to world domination, it could be Twitter, rather than the polls, that give us the greatest indicator as to who will win the Republican nomination.  A new tool launched by the Washington Post tracks the volume of mentions for each candidate.  As candidates and their supporters take to Twitter, this could be a good indicator of who is in the lead today.  After all, we have already seen the Iowa caucus predicted by Twitter, and who could have seen that coming?  Can’t wait to see what today brings.  Of course you could always go old school and wait for the results from Dixville Notch.  

Dixville Notch


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