To set the stage for our 20th anniversary, we developed a list of Castle values. There were a lot of important ideas on the list…. But the #1 thing everyone said embodied our agency is the word “scrappy.” It’s what we are as a company, how we function as a team and the attitude we bring to our client work every day. Who is this scrappy group? Media relations gurus and marketers. Designers and content creators. Event planners and strategists. Social media nerds and social butterflies. We really like spending time with each other every day. So much so that we were named a Best Places to Work in 2016 and 2017. We think it translates into great work.

At Castle, we are looking for people with kick-butt creative thinking, stellar communications skills, project management acuity, a big picture brain with small picture compulsion, fascination with the world around you, pop culture, current events, the economy, the media and the ways in which you can play a part. We’ll provide you with hands-on experience, growth and empowerment opportunities, interesting clients, colleagues you enjoy working with, an apolitical culture, and flexibility and fairness. We are located in a fantastic location steps from the waterfront in a cool Boston neighborhood. We are always on the lookout for great talent.

PR Account Director

We’re looking for a new account director to join our team, preferably someone with education, healthcare and/or crisis communications experience.

Account Directors at Castle:

  • Develop strategic communications programs that include media relations, social media, executive visibility and thought leadership programs
  • Have strong writing and editing skills with a background in AP-style writing
  • Serve as positive and energetic role models and team leaders
  • Along with senior colleagues, supervise a number of direct reports for which he/she is responsible for performance reviews, professional development and account work oversight
  • Contribute meaningfully to business development and agency visibility in the community
  • Foster agency culture and collaborative approach
  • Understand the use of social media platforms to support marketing strategy

Applicant Requirements

If you would like to send a resume and tell us why you are a standout candidate, we will keep your information on file. Our superstars have a passion for current events and a keen eye for uncovering client opportunities in the media or creative venues that propel their businesses. They demonstrate confidence, have a sense of humor, and are ready to hit the ground running to deliver world-class services and results to our dynamic client roster of PR, digital, social and events clients.
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